Unicove EVM Bridge is Now Live

2 min readOct 12, 2023


We’re pleased to announce that the Unicove EVM Bridge is now complete. This is a new feature in our Unicove web wallet, which allows you to easily move tokens into and out of the EOS and Telos EVMs. Take a look at it in action below:

A brief animation of transferring EOS tokens to the EOS EVM on Unicove.

We’re excited that this feature is now live and ready for users! If you have any questions, please reach out through the Greymass Support Portal.

We created this bridge with the goal of creating an easy-to-use interface to bridge between the native Antelope tokens and EVM tokens. It lowers the barrier to entry that users face when interacting with EVM-based dApps, since Unicove users won’t even need to leave their wallet in order to swap their tokens into (or out of) the EVM.

In addition to simplifying EVM dApp adoption for users, we also hope this will ultimately make the EOS and Telos EVM bridges more attractive places to build new projects. As the Antelope ecosystem gains more EVM bridges for other blockchains, we intend to keep this feature updated so that it includes all possible Antelope EVMs.

The Unicove EVM Bridge was our proposed project for Pomelo Season 6, and we would like to sincerely thank everyone who donated and made developing this feature possible. We wouldn’t be here without your support!

If you enjoy using Anchor or Unicove, we hope that you’ll consider supporting our current grant in Pomelo Season 7, which is focused on further developing the Anchor wallet. For this next round, our primary areas of focus include:

  • Working on the Spanish version of the mobile app.
  • Exploration into creating a new Anchor desktop app that replicates the simple, user-friendly experience of the mobile version.

You can find more information on our grant page! And if you have ideas for anything you’d like to see in Anchor or Unicove in the future, please let us know at hello@greymass.com.




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