Progress Update (October 2023)

5 min readOct 15, 2023


Hello! Get ready for another exciting update, this time with a strong focus on the Wharf SDKs.

The Greymass team has been busy tweaking the code and sorting out issues for our upcoming Account and Contract Kits. The Antelope community has been a great source of useful feedback throughout this process, and it’s been fantastic to see such a positive response. We’ve made updates based on your suggestions, and Wharf is shaping up to be a valuable tool for blockchain developers.

Wharf SDK Updates

Session Kit

New Wallet Plugin Releases

Previously, developers could enable three different wallet plugins for their dApp login process when utilizing the Session Kit: the Anchor Authenticator,, and Wombat. We have now expanded upon these options with new plugins for TokenPocket and Scatter. This expands the number of users who can potentially log into Session-Kit-powered dApps without needing to switch to a different wallet, while also improving the user’s login experience.

In Anchor we have also improved the “Sign In With Another Device” option by including the ability to display a QR code, which gives multi-device configurations the ability to seamlessly reconnect.

Check Out the Session Kit Webinar

If you’d like to learn more about the Session Kit, then we highly recommend watching our joint webinar with the ENF, Getting Started With the Wharf Session Kit — A New Way to Build Web Apps on Antelope. During the webinar, Aaron Cox does a hands-on demonstration of how to use the Session Kit to add wallet log-in functionality to an existing web app.

Account Kit

API Client Implemented

In our last Progress Update, we mentioned that we were working on making the API client in the Antelope library more tailored to the specific types of data provided by the different Antelope blockchains. This development shifted towards the Account Kit and we have now implemented a way to get proper data when loading an Account on a specific chain.

In the next release when you load an account in the Account Kit, it will automatically adjust the response based on the blockchain the account is based on, and provide all the data available for the account based on the chainId. This will help to prevent the gaps in data that can occur when developing on various blockchains.

Contract Kit

New Implementations

We have implemented the Contract Kit in a number of packages, providing a set of tools that simplify and streamline interactions with the popular APIs on the blockchain.

CLI Updates

We are continuing work on the code generation component of the Contract Kit. On Sep 8th we released version 1.2.0 with additional fixes and the ability to add -j flag to allow passing a JSON file in directly (as opposed to reading from an API).

To recap, this is a command line tool that can considerably reduce the coding required when you’re building on top of a smart contract, so we hope that developers in the community will try it out and let us know how it goes.

A few important things to note:

  • Currently the CLI’s only command is [generate], which is used to create Typescript code automatically from a deployed smart contract.
  • This is a raw Node.js script that can be installed globally. If there’s demand, we may later release it in a form that doesn’t require npm/Node.js.
  • The code it generates will work with Contract Kit v0.4.2.

Additional Wharf Improvements

Documentation for the Account Kit, Contract Kit and Antelope Library

Documentation is the last piece of the puzzle before the Account Kit, Contract Kit and Antelope library reach v1.0. Here at Greymass, we’ve been working diligently to create high-quality documentation so that developers can get the most out of these new resources. All of the documentation will be available on the official Wharf website.

And for any developers who don’t want to wait for the documentation to be finished, we have good news! We foresee no major changes to the Account Kit, Contract Kit and Antelope library now that the bulk of their development work is done, so we encourage you to explore them on your own. You can find the libraries using the links below:

Antelope Library 0.10 Release

Since our last update, we’ve released two versions of the Antelope library: v0.9.0 and v0.10.0. The following improvements were made:

  • Implemented ABI caching mechanisms within Action and Transaction
  • Stopping the mutation of the object parameter in Actions
  • Added support in the APIClient’s FetchProvider to support GET requests
  • Support for action_results definitions within an ABI

Unicove Bridge

The Unicove EVM bridge was released, and this marks a significant achievement for the Unicove web wallet. Now users can bridge their funds between Telos Native and Telos EVM or EOS Native and EOS EVM. To learn more, we invite you to check out the announcement blog post and try it out for yourself!

That concludes our present updates, everyone. Please stay safe, and we look forward to sharing our next progress report with you.




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