Progress Update (July 2023)

5 min readJul 15, 2023


Hello, and welcome back to another progress update! June and July have been development-heavy months with Anchor, Unicove, and Wharf all seeing significant updates and changes. Whether you’re excited about accessing new chains on Anchor, swapping coins on Unicove’s new EVM bridge, or getting your hands on new Wharf SDK functionality, we’ve got something for everyone this time around. So let’s jump in!

Anchor Updates

For Android

In our last update, we mentioned that Anchor Android would soon support the UX Network and Libre chains — which occurred with the version 0.52 release on June 30th. This release also included:

  • Ability to define a local testnet — Within the app settings, users can now manually define the API and chain ID. After this setup, the app will then allow account imports against the configured testing environment.
  • Bug fixes — If you’ve been having any issues broadcasting transactions with Anchor, these should be fixed with the latest update. We apologize to anyone who ran into this issue!

If you would like to access these new features, please make sure that your Anchor app is updated to the latest version.

For iOS

Also in our last update, we mentioned that Anchor iOS would soon be getting access to the UX Network and Libre chains, as well as support for signing requests that use the esr-anchor: scheme. This will ensure that Anchor is opened at the right times when a user has more than one wallet installed on their device.

As of version 1.3.3, these new features have been added to the iOS Anchor app. If you would like to access them, please make sure that your app is updated to the latest version.

For Desktop

Anchor Desktop also received updates recently, with the release of version 1.3.12. Our main focus this time around was on bug fixes, so we encourage you to update your app to the latest version (it’s a theme around here) if any of the issues below sound familiar:

  • Fix for connectivity issues — In late June, one of the root certificates used by Anchor expired and an issue with Electron prevented it from renewing properly. We resolved the connectivity problem in this release.
  • Fixes for account creation struggles — We were notified by users creating accounts on Anchor Desktop with that there was an issue with the creation request popping up, as well as an issue if they opted to use a Ledger during creation. These were both resolved in this latest release as well.

Unicove Updates

At the start of Pomelo Season 6, we announced our first grant project for Unicove: adding in-wallet access to an easy-to-use EVM bridge that would allow users to move tokens into and out of any Antelope EVM. We’d like to extend a heartfelt thanks to everyone who donated to this project. ♥️

Season 6 is now closed, and we’ve been working hard on bringing our grant idea to life. We’ve made considerable progress on creating a minimum viable product, and are currently iterating on it to make sure the user experience is as smooth as possible before releasing it to the public.

So if you’re excited to swap coins on the EOS and Telos EVMs, keep an eye on Unicove! You can also learn more about how this project fits with our overall vision for Unicove in our recent interview with Aaron Cox about all things Pomelo-related.

In other Unicove news, we’ve also been working on integrating it with Wharf! Which brings us to our next topic…

Wharf Updates

We’re still building the Wharf SDKs brick by brick, and our most exciting news is that the Session Kit is nearing completion. (As a quick refresher, the Session Kit is designed to make signing transactions easier — whether you’re requesting that a user establish a Session to sign transactions or manually establishing a Session to sign transactions directly). A Session Kit 1.0 release is just around the corner, and will be accompanied by considerable documentation resources to help developers make the most of this SDK.

The release of the Session Kit 1.0 will also coincide with our first prototype release of the Contract Kit, in order to allow both kits to be used in tandem by developers. (Another refresher, since we’re coming at you with a lot of kits: the Contract Kit is designed to make it easy to access information from smart contracts and create new transactions.)

As part of our preparation for this release, we’ve been working on a contract table wrapper that will allow developers to retrieve data from a specific contract table. We’ve also been developing ways to construct and execute actions from contracts on-chain.

We encourage anyone who’s interested in Wharf’s progress to stay up-to-date through the weekly project status meetings that we post on (The website itself is also going to be getting some exciting new updates soon, so keep your eyes peeled for those!)

And that’s all for now, folks! Stay safe out there, and we’ll see you in the next progress update.




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